Acorn Triple-D5 US Digital Drum Kit

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Acorn Triple-D5 US Digital Drum Kit
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Acorn Triple-D5 US Digital Drum Kit Review

If you love playing the drums, you know there’s no shortage of kits to purchase. Of course, you can also just build one from scratch yourself. For the drummer who has a wide range of tastes in music, but would like to accommodate them on one kit, a digital drum set is by far the best option. Furthermore, a digital option is perfect for recording, mixing and mastering all from the comfort of your own home.

The Problem with Traditional Drum Kits

Drum kits are great because, as opposed to many other instruments, they are extremely customizable. You can remove and add elements as you see fit. Nonetheless, if you want a drum set that can play thrash metal as well as reggae, you might be in for a lot of heavy lifting between songs.

The Acorn Triple-D5 US Digital Drum Kit keeps this from ever being an issue though. Instead of removing whole drums or transferring cymbals, you simply push a button. Once you do, your whole kit might as well be made of completely different elements.

Unique Sounds

As we mentioned, it’s easy to choose any type of sound you want and begin playing. Obviously, to ever have this option with traditional kits, you’d need about a hundred of them. With electronic kits of lesser quality, the trade-off is always that you get sub-par sound quality. But the instruments they used to record the sounds for this kit were professionally sampled. A variety of microphones were utilized to get the best sound possible as well. It really comes through when you play; sounding like a custom kit was built from scratch each time.

Acorn Triple-D5 US Digital Drum Kit

Acorn Triple-D5 US Digital Drum Kit

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Recording Music

One of the best reasons I can think of for buying this kit is for recording purposes. Nowadays, you can make pretty impressive tracks with nothing more than a Mac and the right instrument. This drum, ladies and gentlemen, is the right instrument. You can actually plug it into your computer or recording device. This means the drumming comes through crystal clear without any distortion or background noise. You might never have to pay for studio time again!

Playing Hard

Obviously, if you’re a drummer, it’s in your blood to hit and hit hard. With all the fancy components of the Acorn Triple-D5, you could be forgiven for wanting to take it easy when swinging away. For many, it’s like smashing their computer. But rest assured this drum kit is built to last. You can play as hard as you want without fear of needing to shell out more cash to fix what you’ve broken. And no matter how light or hard you hit, the sound will register perfectly.

Control the Volume

Another really nice feature is your ability to control how much sound you produce with this kit. The pads themselves have a sound-muting characteristic about them, so smacking them alone won’t produce much in the way of noise. Hook up your speakers to this kit and you can make sure everyone in the neighborhood hears how good you are. However, if you live in an apartment building or the kids are sleeping, you can just as easily put on headphones and be the only one who knows how amazing the kit sounds.

Realistic Feel

Obviously, this kit doesn’t look like traditional versions. And the truth is you’ll be able to feel the difference when you play. That being said, this isn’t a bad thing and shouldn’t affect your overall playing. The rubber pads still provide you with the bounce you’d expect from a typical kit. This also goes a long way with fighting off fatigue. Getting in your rhythm as you would with a traditional kit is not an issue, especially as you get used to this one.


Whether you’re playing at home, in front of an audience or looking to record, the Acorn Triple-D5 US Digital Drum Kit is a great option that gives you more than enough for the price. Not only do you get an army of instruments at your fingertips, but it’s never been easier to harness these sounds as a legitimate recording.

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Acorn Triple-D5 US Digital Drum Kit

3.5/5 stars

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